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Huangguoshu National Park 100M Water Screen Movie
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    Name: Huangguoshu National Park 100M Water Screen Movie-Buyi Batik Culture and Journey to the West

    Type: water screen

    Location: Huangguoshu National Park, Guizhou

    Supplier: Guangdong Optimum Show Technology Co.,Ltd.


    Journey to the West

    The water screen is 100M long and 30M high on which the video showing Buyi’s batik culture is projected. “Buyi’s batik” is just one of the projections. The Bouyei, also also spelled Puyi, Buyei and Buyi, are an ethnic group living in southern mainland China.

    Buyi’s batik has a long history and prestigious, and as early as in the Song Dynasty, its records could be found. Projected on the water screen, we can see that Buyi’s batik is rich in change and colors. Its patterns including geometrical pattern and natural pattern can be symmetrical or changeable, some can even find the origins of each other on the copper drum pattern. For natural patterns which are flexible, flowers like pomegranate, peony, fern and animals like butterflies, magpies are mostly adopted.

    The water screen movie also shows the development of batik techniques, the complicated production process, and the spread of the Silk Road to overseas markets. Water screen projection, in a new way, can help display and have the local culture known to the world.

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