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Water Screen Moive Show In Hanchen
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  • 【Project Description】

    Name: Water screen show in Shanxi

    Size: 18*45 X 2

    Type: Water screen 

    Location: In the Lake

    Supplier: Guangdong Optimum Show Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Water screen technology is a beam of light irradiation in the water, showing a strong three -dimensional film effect of a multimedia technology.

    Water curtain film is through the high-pressure water pump and a special water curtain generator, the water from bottom to top, high-speed spray, atomized after the formation of fan-shaped "screen"
     Special video projection on the "screen" by special video projector then ,forming  of water curtain film. When the audience in the film, the fan-shaped water curtain and the natural night sky as an intergrated one .  when the characters out of the screen, like the characters  fly to the sky or from heaven,  making  in a kind of illusory and fantastic feeling, fascinating. 

    Water screen movie projector by the mechanical device, control bracket, communication port, software, time signal interface and DMX512 interface. The projector's engine is controlled by optical sensing, with high accuracy and three control methods: programming control, direct control and utility control. 


    Water curtain height can  up to 20 meters, 30-50 meters wide,. all kinds of VCD disc or water curtain dedicated film can be played on the water curtain, the film effect is peculiar, novel and is an excellent advertising tool, a variety of squares and wide Of the water can be installed water curtain film.

    Water curtains are usually up to 20 meters wide and 30-60 meters wide,

    Water curtain moive fountain usually use for major festivals, large square, theme park place.

    Video for the fountain

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