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High Jets Fountain
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Hundred Meter Water Jets Fountain Show

High jets fountain it also known as Hundred meter  jets fountain . It can reach to 100 meter height by a special soft starter .  

High jets can be a single water features but it also can combined other water featrues

Why Choose Us?


There are 30 designers for our design team, after getting the important information from clients, the unique design drawings will be offerred to our client within 3 working days.

Our designer will 
Client could ask any questions about the design or your requirements at any time.

2. Video Team

We could make the Animation for your fountain, so that you could see the effection of your fountain completely, it usually takes 7-10 working days only.

3.Site Installation

We send our engineer to the site for installation, the best guidance will be given to help to finish the installation as soon as possible, which will be the most economic.

4.Site Testing

After the site-installation, our egineer will debugging the fountain at site, to bring the most beautiful fountain show to our clients and their people.

5. After-sale service

We provide 2 years free warranty for our abroad fountain projects and life time maintenance.
During the Installation, problem shooting guidance will be taught to our clients as well, so that they could deal with most of the situations of their fountain by themslves.

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