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Running Fountain
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Outdoor Musical Type Running Fountain For the Pool

Running springs are sequentially opened and closed by a solenoid valve to control a long series of nozzles generated

by the dynamic water. Computer control of hundreds of water points, with the melody of music super-speed running, or the formation of an instant trend of ups and downs, or the formation of ebb undulating waves, or form other water features, set off the spectacular attractions and vitality.

Running fountain have two ways of working ways:
(1) audio control mode ---- with the music sound changes;
(2) Designated method ---- There are procedures to determine.

There are procedures to determine the running fountain  produced can be divided into static water and dynamic water. Among them, there are seven types of dynamic water: left and right, middle and right sides, middle side, dynamic wave, jumping, block moving and so on. Each type of water-based moving speed can be from tens of milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds, followed by the number of nozzles can be arbitrarily selected; in addition to produce dynamic water: triangle, zigzag, Great Wall, Gaussian and other four categories, each The class is divided into a variety of different combinations, so running springs have hundreds of water changes.

Running spring is particularly suitable for rivers and lakes and plazas and other spacious places.

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